3PC True Bore Extended Tube & Clamp Ends

3PC True Bore Extended Tube & Clamp Ends

Flo-Tite’s high purity series is the Flo-Tite line of clean ball valves for the Pharmaceutical and Bioprocessing Industries. The valves are designed for applications which require high flow capacity at minimum pressure drop, where sterility, cleanability and drainability are essential for product quality and perfection. The sanitary valve port matches tube ID dimensions, provides tight shutoff and has exceptional performance in many service applications.

Flo-Tite 3 PC VALVES are designed for easy removal from the pipeline so that all valve components can be easily and quickly cleaned. All valve hardware is Stainless Steel Type 304 as standard.

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Fugitive Emission

In applications where it is essential to eliminate escape of volatile organic compounds
(VOC) into the atmosphere, a Fugitive Emission kit can be mounted directly onto
the ISO platform of the valves. The kits are avaailable for all sizes and can be operated
manually or with an actuator. Each housing has a threaded port for connecting tubingor instrumentation for registering potentiial leaks.

Purge Ports

Valve bodies and ends may be supplied with additional purge ports to allow draining
of the body cavity or for flushing the lines. This enables in-line maintenance
for clean in place (CIP) or steam in place (SIP) where traces of product and containminants must be effectively removed from all pockets.

Assembly & Packaging

Flo-Tite operates a fully equipped cleanroom for the assembly of valves. All valves are cleaned, dried, assembled, 100% leak tested, inspected and finally if required packaged in a hermetically sealed bag filled with dry nitrogen. Each valve is individually tagged for traceability and material certification will be provided on request.

Surface Finishes

All surfaces which come directly or indirectly in contact with the product are machined to 0.625 micron (25 micro inch Ra, Grit 180). Mechanically polished to higher levels of surface finish up to 0.25 micron (10 micro inch Ra, Grit 320) are available including internal or external Electropolishing.