Acoustical Ventilation

Acoustical Ventilation

Noise Solutions acoustically treated building ventilation dissipates heat from fully enclosed buildings. This ensures enough air is able to sweep across the engine and the compressor to keep the building cool. Loud noise stays trapped inside and the overall working environment is substantially improved.

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Value-Added Advantages

  • H2S compatible so low flow rates won’t affect gas detectors
  • Removes both high- and low-frequency interior building noise
  • Assembly is quick and easy with minimal downtime
  • Value engineered and designed for optimal performance and longevity
  • Guaranteed results ensure your return on investment


  • All openings are covered with acoustic hoods
  • Backdraft dampers and louvers allow operators to control building’s air flow
  • Acoustical insulation is fire-resistant, waterproof and mildew-proof
  • Fan-Forced and Induced ventilation for both powered and non-powered sites